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A Well Positioned Offer

A Well Positioned Offer

A Real Estate Investor’s Ace In The Hole

I recently talked about the continued population growth in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (click here to read the full article). Well, guess what...we’re still on fire, and with an expectation of continued growth, DFW is a rental property owner’s dream come true. Nowadays I’ve been hearing that most potential purchasers are finding it close to impossible to pick up properties at a reasonable price—between such high competition and record low inventory, sellers definitely seem to have the upper, is there any hope for investors to pick up a property and still make a profit?

I have great news for all of our wonderful Red Team clients, the answer is YES! And we’re not holding anything back...we’re showing you all four Aces!

Aside from your offer price, there are several other factors that can make or break your next purchase. Even if you don’t come in with the highest dollar offer, there are a few other things that can land you the deal. Here are 4 ways that will give you, the purchaser an upper-hand, ensuring your offer makes a real impact:

  1. Option period: A shorter option period tells the seller that you are serious about the purchase and are ready to move quickly and efficiently throughout the process. Sellers can be hesitant about longer option periods in this market because if your offer falls through, they’ll be stuck waiting much longer to move on to the next.
  2. Financing:Having your Pre-Approval in advance, from a lender who understands this business makes a huge difference–it shows a seller that you are organized and you will follow through with what you say.
  3. Option Dollars:As a serious buyer, offering option dollars could also be a way for a seller to see your offer as more appealing, even if you aren’t one of the highest offerers. Sellers tend to see you as more serious if your Option Money is on the higher end, as you must believe, as well as the seller, that you are more likely to close the deal.
  4. Cash:The old saying that Cash is King has not gone away. A cash offer sometimes will make the difference on a deal even when it is significantly lower than the asking price. Cash deals usually mean a quicker close and that the seller will have the money sooner. Note: Even if you are a buyer that is financing, the amount of cash you put down (% of purchase) can impress a seller on how serious and how strong of a buyer you are.

If you’re ready to start making money in this hot market, it really comes down to how well positioned you are coming into an offer. Red Team Real Estate has a proven track record of giving their clients the leverage needed to make the deal and make the money. If you’re considering a new purchase, we invite you to give us a call and speak with one of our experienced agents today.

Winning Clients.

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